What time do you meet?

During the main hunting season all meets leave at 11am unless otherwise stated. Autumn hunting is often a lot earlier so check the website or with the Masters for times.

Do I have to be a member?

No, not at all. All are welcome, Members pay one subscription and then do not pay cap so they can attend any meet throughout the season as part of their subscription. We welcome individuals on a day cap which this year is £25 for adults and £15 for children 16 and under. Full membership details are available on the Membership page of this website.

What should I wear?

During autumn hunting, a tweed jacket and shirt and tie or coloured stock, pale breeches, clean boots and gaiters/half-chaps or long boots, dark gloves and a hat with a dark cover.

In the main season, adults tend to wear black or navy coats, but you will see some in tweed too. When we have wet days (quite common in Wales!) we are more than happy for riders to wear dark coloured waterproof jackets. We have hunt waterproof coats that you can order if you wish or wear your own

What should my horse wear?

For autumn hunting, horses should not be plaited after opening meet plaiting is advisable although a clean tidy mane and tail will also be fine.

Numnahs should be dark and follow the shape of the saddle. If you know he might kick, put a red ribbon on his tail and stay well out of the way whenever possible. If you have a novice or unknown horse then a green ribbon will alert others to the fact that your horse is not proven on the hunting field and people can give you a bit more space.

Are children welcome?

Absolutely. We have followers of all ages. We do put on dedicated children's meets which are particularly suitable but children of all ages are welcome every week. Any children under 16 should be accompanied by a responsible adult, or an adult should be available on the ground. We cannot take responsibility for unaccompanied minors although we will always do our best to help anyone on a days hunting, child or otherwise!

What about foot followers?

Foot followers are more than welcome. We are often travelling over working land at the invitation of land owners and must be respectful of that at all times. Any foot followers should speak to the Master in charge or a member of the committee to find out where they can and cannot go on a hunting day. Anyone found to be disrespectful to the public or landowners will be sent home. We do ask foot followers to pay £5 day cap. 

How long do you stay out for?

This depends on the day, the location and the trails that have been set. There are always opportunities to go home early or whenever you choose, you are not stuck for the day and the field master or foot support team will be able to point you in the direction of getting home safely.

I have more questions - who shall I contact?

Get in contact with any of the committee or Masters, please see the contact page of this website. We also have a Facebook page 'Basil Banwen' where more regular updates are in place.